Tri - County Pain Care has merged with 

Delaware Valley Pain and Spine Institute

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Thank you for selecting Tri-County Pain Care for your health care needs.  Due to the current financial climate regarding the high cost of health care, many patients have chosen to elect health care insurance policies that have less expensive monthly premiums, yet have significant co-payments and deductibles.

Please be aware that you may have TWO co-payments, if you are having a procedure.  One co-payment will be for the specialist and other co-payment for the facility.  If you are only having a consultation, there will only be the specialist co-payment.

In the event that your plan has a co-payment, please be aware that when claims are submitted for your physician’s evaluation and treatment, the insurance company will only pay part of the claim and that you are required to pay the remaining co-payment, deductibles, or co-insurance that will be billed to you separately from each the physician and the facility.

Our main concern is always for the well-being of our patients.  We are happy to help you with any questions or difficulties you might have with your insurance coverage or billing.  It is always best to contact our office with any billing questions rather than to ignore the “patient responsible” portion of your EOB (explanation of benefits).  Please contact our office promptly should you need assistance.

Billing Department - 215-659-3151

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