Tri-County Pain Care is dedicated to providing health care that includes the prevention, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of painful disorders.  


Our plan is to make it easier for you to get the care you need.  That is why we accept most insurances.  We also treat patients who have been injured at work or in a motor vehicle accident.

About Us

Tri - County Pain Care has merged with 

Delaware Valley Pain and Spine Institute

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​​The goal of Dr. Mergaman, M.D. and his pain management team is to improve quality of life for every patient.  Over 13 Million Americans suffer from pain.  Pain may be so intense that many find it difficult to work, sleep or maintain a satisfying quality of life.  There is no reason for anyone to endure chronic pain.  At Tri-County Pain Care, we are trained experts who understand pain syndromes and know how to manage them as effectively as possible, using the most sophisticated pain management techniques to provide prevention, treatment and management for those living with pain.  The key is finding the right regimen and treatment that works for you.

​Multi-disciplinary Approach

Our Multi-disciplinary approach includes diagnostic imaging, specialized testing, referral to physical therapy, interventional pain procedures, medication management and additional support services.  These services are coordinated by our team of professionals for patient convenience.  Each case is assessed individually and objectively, providing customized attention.  We will take the time to establish an accurate diagnosis and create realistic goals.  We will recommend a customized treatment plan, geared toward maximizing your potential and increasing your functional capabilities.

Our Mission

01. Better continuity of care


02. Providing personalized assessment to design the right care for each patient, with the goal of          maximizing potential and increasing functional capability.


03. More coordinated care and more personal attention